Mixed reality, Tactical platform connectivity, and Artificial Intelligence serving the Armed Forces' engagement readiness.




Founded in August 2020 in Aix-en-Provence, LVCim is a startup specializing in the development of software components and complete solutions for the preparation of armed forces engagement.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience of its founders in simulation and tactical data links, LVCim also provides specialized services exclusively in its technological expertise areas.

LVCim builds its development strategy around partnerships and relies on its corporate values:

Innovation, our reason for being. Customer satisfaction, our creed. Agility, our DNA. Putting people at the heart, our corporate project.

Marchés adressés

As part of improving the efficiency of the armed forces (Air, Land, Sea), LVCim supports state actors and defense industry players in all three components of preparing armed forces engagement.

Préparation de l’avenir


Successfully conducting studies to define future defense systems, doctrinal evolutions, or ergonomics through innovative and customizable tools.

Operational readiness

Contribute to initial or advanced training and tactical training of crews through effective educational tools.

Operational support

Supporting the armed forces in the heart of operations through powerful decision-making tools or mission rehearsal.

Nos piliers technologiques


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulation ..


Tactical TDL, Cloud Combat, MSaaS...


machine Learning, data mining…

Product Offer

RAPAS - Family of RPAS simulators

RAPAS is a family of generic drone simulators that comes in two versions to address different employment contexts:

RAPAS - T (Training) for crew training and practice.

RAPAS - S (Studies) for concept studies and definition of future defense systems.


Its system is not fully representative of a particular system. On the contrary, it provides all existing systems in the simulator in a simplified manner so that it is highly configurable to simulate several categories of drones ranging from tactical drones to MALE, including fixed-wing or rotary-wing.

LVCim listens to its clients and includes a customization phase in its services to adapt the simulator to the system they use: flight loop, sensors, fire control, etc.

XERUS - Multi-domain mixed reality platform

The XERUS product range represents a major evolution compared to a conventional simulator thanks to the implementation of a mixed reality headset.
Through this interface, the user is immersed in their environment as in reality because their field of vision is not restricted. They can see certain elements in real life (such as their body) and interact with the kinesthetic sensation associated with their cockpit or dashboard.
Combined with a state-of-the-art video game engine and advanced debriefing capabilities, XERUS also fully exploits the features of its mixed reality headset (such as eye tracking data analysis) and the benefits associated with this technology (reducing simulator sickness).

Our specialized services offering

LVCim offers a specialized service offering based on its technical and functional expertise in tactical data links (L16, L22, national...), interoperability, modeling & simulation, synthetic environment generation, combat cloud, performance analysis...

Handling specific projects or dedicated training related to its areas of expertise.

Project management assistance in the defense domain.

Expertise missions and consulting.

Catalog of training courses in mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and tactical datalinks.


Eurosatory 2024

We are present at the Eurosatory exhibition. An exhibition dedicated to defense and security. 

🗓️ 17 au 21 Juin 2024
🤝 Stand de DCI 
📍Paris | France

IT²EC 2024 

LVCim will join as a visitor to meet its partners.

🗓️ 9 au 11 Avril 2024
🤝 Aucun stand
📍Londres | UK


🗓️ 2024
🤝 Stand de LVCim 
📍Orlando | Floride